Team Roles

It is important that each person on the team be given a specific role. Below are some suggested roles:

  • Team Leader – Coordinates activities and helps things run smoothly. This person is not the “boss” of others on the team.
  • Builder – Responsible for overseeing the building of the robot.
  • Programmer – Responsible for overseeing all programming of the robot.
  • Quality Assurance – Responsible for making sure the robot is built in a sturdy way and that everything produced by the group has a quality look.
  • Researcher – Coordinates the research project conducted by the group.
  • Writer/Proofreader – Responsible for the quality of the written material produced by the group. This person should not write the entire research paper.

Each person on the team should be familiar will all the other roles and able to perform the given tasks of that role. Everyone should work together as a team with specialists. A person also may fill more than one role.

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