Individual Support Opportunities

Be a Champion!

Talk about Adventist Robotics and the impact it has on young people!

Become a Mentor

Volunteer your time to help mentor and support at team in your local Adventist school or community

Sponsor a Team

There are many teams that need financial assistance. If you don't know of a team in your area, please contact

Business Support Opportunities

Sponsor Adventist Robotics

Become one of the corporate sponsors of the Adventist Robotics - helping support robotics programs in schools across North America!

Event Sponsor

Provide sponsorship for a specific Adventist Robotics event - helping local organizations provide the exciting culminating activity for young people in their region.

College and University Opportunities

Become a Sponsor

Be actively involved in sponsoring the events in your area!

Provide Scholarships

Join the large group of colleges and universities that provide over $70 million dollars worth of scholarships for FIRST Alumni.